Underage Drinking & Drug Diversion Programs

Morgantown Area Youth Services Project  


Diversion Group Sessions



The Diversion Program consists of repeat underage alcohol offenders and other misdemeanor drug offenses.  You may schedule according to the following group times/days:






1.     Groups are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Each group will consist of 8 - 10 people per group.  If the group time you choose is filled up, and you are unavailable for any other group sessions during this period, you will need to set your meetings for the next scheduled 5 week group sessions.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you, but we cannot make exceptions due to agency time limitations.  If this requires you to request an extension with the court, it is your responsibility to file for extension, in person, at the Magistrate Court. 

      MAYSP does NOT have the authority to grant extensions.


2.     A “group” must include 2 or more people.  If the time you choose does not include at least one other individual, you may be required to re-schedule your selected group time. In such a case, you would receive a phone call from our office to reschedule for another available group time.




The Diversion Group consists of:



·         One intake meeting


·         Five Group sessions (Group sessions will be facilitated by a Certified Addictions Professional or Certified Addictions Counselor)


·         Each group session will last 1 1/2 - 2  hours.  You MUST be on time and must stay for the entire group session!



Repeat Underage Alcohol Offenders:


ü  You may be required to attend AA meetings in addition to group sessions.  This will be determined at your intake meeting.  You are NOT required to submit urine for drug testing.


Other Drug Offenders


ü  You will be required to submit urine for 2 drug tests.  The first test will be given at the intake meeting, the second test at the final meeting. 




NOTE: If you do not complete the 5-week program, either by failing the final drug test or not complying with program attendance and homework requirements, you will be required to repeat the program within your 6-month probation period, or before your return court date.  If you have to repeat the program due to a failed drug test, you will also be required to pay full cost for the second program, which must be paid in full before attending another 6-week group session period.






Group Session Topics:

The program is focused on development of self-awareness and life choices; and will include discussion of various topics in addition to drug information.  You are not required to bring anything with you for the first group meeting, but you are required to participate in all group discussions.


If you need to cancel your first group session, please call in advance to


304-284-7321, so we can give your time slot to another offender!








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