Underage Drinking & Drug Diversion Programs

Morgantown Area Youth Services Project  

Community Service

The Morgantown courts require that community service be done at one of the accepted agencies located downtown . Violators are assigned community service at the intake appointment. First offense violators are required to complete 6 hours of community service and second offense violators are required to complete 8 hours. If two charges occur simultaneously, the completion requirements include 14 hours of community service.

  • You MUST complete your community service hours before you are permitted to schedule your educational hours.  Once you have completed your community service hours you will call the MAYSP office to inform your hours are complete, at which time we will schedule your first video. You must bring your community service form with you to that first video appointment and we will then schedule your remaining educational hours.
  • You are not permitted to change your community service assignment without permission from the MAYSP staff.
  • Community service requirements mandated by the court are to be served downtown only.
  • If you lose your community service documentation form, you may download a copy here.  This signed form is required at your exit appointment for completion.


At the intake appointment, community service may be assigned to be done at one of the following agencies:


         Morgantown Police Dept Dave Jordan         304-284-7428

(for Municipal Court Cases only!)

300 Spruce Street

         Hours available:  M-F 9am-3:30pm

         No less than 3 hrs at a time

         Must be scheduled in advance

         Be prepared to work outside

         You may be assigned to: 

o   Christian Help

o   Morgantown Public Library

o   Salvation Army

o   Rock Forge Neighborhood House


  Christian Help                                                      304-296-0221

219 Walnut Street


  Mon-Thursday          9-4

  Friday                        9-2

  1st Sat. of month     10-1



  • Wkly Cleaning 
  • Group Mentor 
  • Tutoring