Underage Drinking & Drug Diversion Programs

Morgantown Area Youth Services Project  


You MUST be here exactly on the hour (or before).  If you are late, and the video has already been started, you will not be permitted to stay for that hour.  You will need to reschedule a replacement video session.

One video session per day is all that will be scheduled per person (except during summer months), but you may schedule one group and one video on the same day.

If you cannot keep your scheduled video appointment, you MUST call to inform the MAYSP office (number above) at least 24 hours in advance to avoid paying a no/show fee.

MISSED APPOINTMENT FEE: There is a $5 cash fee for every appointment for which you do not show up or give 24 hours cancellation notice.  Missed appointment fee must be paid at MAYSP before you can attend your next appointment.


You must schedule 7 videos and 1 group meeting:















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